Many of our clients share similar concerns. Sunshield possesses the knowledge and resources to resolve any issue which may require an answer or explanation.


Please feel free to let us know if any of your questions still remain unanswered after reading below.

1. Will your coating disturb my view?

Absolutely and emphatically not! Sunshield has applied its coating to some of the most desirable views and landmark properties in the world. Our process is designed to preserve the beauty of the view while offering the greatest amount of protection. All of the views on this website have been taken through our coatings.

2. Will your coating completely eliminate all of my fading?
Deterioration of furnishings and artwork are a natural, ongoing process similar to aging and occurs due to a myriad of causes. Sunshield can help to significantly slow this process to a tolerable level and thus increase the life expectancy of your furnishings for many years into the future. Our products are the state-of-the-art in technology. In lieu of storing your furnishings in a completely controlled bank-vault like environment, our coatings offer the highest degree of preservation capabilities that current science permits.

3. I am worried about my extremely expensive furnishings. Is your process messy or disruptive?
No. While many other companies employ questionable, temporary or student labor, Sunshield technicians are highly skilled craftsmen. They have been trained in museum and museum-like environments. Our craftsmen are educated in the proper procedures and precautions necessary to ensure the successful completion of every project. Sunshield will send only the finest gentlemen to your home who will leave your residence in the exact same condition as it was found. We are confident that you will be impressed with the great care that is taken within your home as well as the attention to detail.

4. Will your coatings affect my plants?
No. In fact, The New York Botanical Gardens have used Sunshield's services. Ultraviolet radiation is quite harmful to plants. Since our coatings eliminate nearly all of the U.V., a healthier plant will be the result. Due to the energy-efficient characteristics of our products, any leaf damage from excessive heat will also be greatly reduced.

5. Are there any special cleaning requirements to be performed once the application is completed?
Our coatings can be easily cleaned with any quality window cleaner and paper towels. Sharp or abrasive objects are the only instruments that can harm the protective coating.

6. How long will the coating last?
Laboratory studies and real world experiences have proven that a life expectancy in excess of twenty years is commonly realized. However, our coatings are backed with a lifetime warranty against failure.

7. Are there any chemicals used during the application process? I have young children and I am concerned about their health.
Our process is completely safe, non-toxic and odor-free.

8. How do I proceed with obtaining a cost for your services?
Many of our clients have a limited amount of time available and do not wish to be inconvenienced with meetings or visits. In this scenario, a client or their liaison can simply call our office and very briefly describe the areas to be treated. In most cases, pricing and data can be transmitted the same day by any medium desired. For clients that do wish to meet, a convenient in-home appointment can be arranged to discuss the unquestionable benefits of Sunshield.