Sunshield History


While pursuing studies in both law and medicine at Fordham University, Pierre Blanc, Ph.D., founded Sunshield Energy Control Systems over three decades ago. Originally conceived as a temporary enterprise before entering law school, the company has since blossomed into the premier player within its industry. Sunshield has continued to dominate the high-end arenas and its reputation for perfection continues to expand at a phenomenal pace.

One of the reasons for such explosive growth is the company's ability to attract and retain very talented key people. Senior Technician, Christopher Brace, joined the firm early on and his tremendous skills have earned enormous praise from Sunshield clients. With each project his abilities create not only extremely satisfied customers, but new growth opportunities as well.

Beth Schneider is Sunshield's Information Technology and Customer Relations expert. Her genuine personality, knowledge, and computer literacy help to keep the firm’s internal operations running at peak efficiency.

With such an extraordinary staff and product offering, Sunshield will remain synonymous with and true to its "Mantra of Excellence".